Gielly Green Team

Beryl-Renee Harrison

Senior Stylist

Selina Harrison has developed a talent for making hair beautiful over her 19 years of experience in the hair industry. Her vast training has given her a wide basis of cutting styles, but she has developed a much more modern approach as she becomes comfortable with her craft. The ever-expanding knowledge of techniques she has gained is truly unique, and leaves her confident working with any type of hair, long or short, curly or straight. Selina is also a favourite for those wanting a blow dry, and is particularly talented at getting curly hair poker straight but still with plenty of volume.

When pin pointing the thing she enjoys most about hairdressing, she knows instantly that it is the interaction that she has with the people she works with, and building up a relationship with her loyal clients. Whether you are talking about hair care or personal issues, Selina is someone who can be relied upon for sound honest advice.