Gielly Green Team

Pascal Lombardo

Creative Stylist & Colourist

Born and raised in the South of France to French/Italian and Dutch parents, Pascal grew up in a truly multicultural environment. His passion for hairdressing began 11 years ago winning an apprenticeship with a master hair stylist in Toulouse.Through this classical training and a teacher expecting no less than the best, he perfected every technique of hair styling and colouring, which helped him develop a loyal clientele.

His in depth and detailed consultation enables him to understand the needs of his client, giving him the ability to advise on important issues such as their skin tone, face shape, image & lifestyle.

This French hairdresser will listen first, and then create a style that will transform his client's look for the better.

Hungry to expand his experience and express more of his creativity, he moved to London in early 2011.

Pascal has worked as a stylist for the last few years in one of London's best salons; an award-winning internationally recognized brand which regularly features on a major British TV channel. In addition, he also worked on London Fashion and Collection week collaborating with brands such as Richard James, GO 247, Nasir, Momposina.

Furthermore to this work, Pascal also styles actors, actresses & dancers, rugby players which include the likes of Lily Loveless, Kathryn Prescott, Jade Ewen, Aaron Floyd, Louisa Lytton, Talalelei Gray, Carl Axtens, Brooke Kinsella, Vanessa Von Train for their roles in television, theatre and promotional shoots.

Pascal is now based at Gielly Green Salon Boutique in Marylebone London, where he works one full week a month. The rest of his time, Pascal is working between France and the UK on fashion and editorial shoots for brands such as Vogue, Disney, Specsavers, Hunger Tv, G2 Magazine, Daily Mail, Illustrated people, Somatic, Paul Robinson, About Fashion Magazine, The Draft Magazine.  

More recently Pascal joined Wella Professionnel as part of their education team in France.