Gielly Green Team

Carmelo Guastella

Men's Grooming Director

Carmelo is an established and respected barber and men's hairstylist.

Since moving to London from Sicily more than a decade ago, Carmelo has become an authority on men's luxury grooming. He has collaborated with major companies and brands in the luxury grooming industry including Unilever, The Refinery, Philips, Proctor & Gamble, Dolce & Gabbana and Tom Ford.

Both high profile individuals and multi-national corporations prize Carmelo not just for his professional consultation services, but also for his expertise in influencing and interpreting trends in men’s hair, grooming and beauty-related projects.

In addition to cutting the hair of his select clientele and advising on the development of men’s grooming projects, Carmelo is much sought after as a hairstylist in the creative world of men’s runway shows and fashion shoots.

Carmelo is known for tailoring and personalizing each haircut, taking into account the individual client’s lifestyle, profession, age, facial features, hairline, head shape and hair type.

His expertise also expands to the subtle coverage of grey hair and the ability to make thinner hair look thicker. He also consults on the most advanced hair transplants.

Carmelo’s guiding philosophy is that the way a man chooses to style his hair is the ultimate expression of his personality. In this respect, he possesses a unique, interpretive ability. Rarely relying on clippers, Carmelo intuitively uses scissors and comb to enhance a client’s natural features.

Carmelo is at Four Seasons Monday, Thursday and Friday and at George Street Tuesday and Wednesday.